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Website or Email Hosting 

Choosing the right web hosting provider is crucial to the success of your website. Prolonged
website downtime will turn away paying customers, and you can lose thousands of dollars
in potential sales. With superior uptime, friendly technical support and exceptional value for
money, jDynamic hosting cannot be beaten!

Our prompt and confident staff, are here to cater for your every requirement. Specializing primarily in B2B services, we understand your business requirements and know how important and how critical quick response support and reliable servers, so we don't comprise on either service for our customer's. 

Unlike other hosting companies, the staff at jDynamic's are willing to go the extra step to make sure your business is online all the time. 

Email Hosting

If you are not ready for a website just yet, but still want to give your business that professional touch, we can provide you with a business email address, for example: john(at) This communicates a far more professional message to your customers rather than using a free email service like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. Beware, if you use an email address linked to your Internet provider (eg. Bigpond, iiNet, Optusnet, Westnet, etc), then you run the additional risk of losing business when you change Internet provider. A business email address from jDynamic can go with you wherever you are.

Our email services include tutorials to help you configure Outlook (or your favourite email software), as well as unlimited access to webmail - this allows you check your emails wherever you go, simply using your web browser. 

Pricing is extremely affordable, starting at just $6 per month

Reliable and efficient servers. Contact us to get started today.