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E-Commerce / Shopping Cart Websites

jDynamic has years of experience in building quality e-commerce websites that are beautiful
and functional. Our cutting edge shopping cart platform takes advantage of the latest
technology to provide you with a high quality e-commerce website that turns more visitors
into customers.

Our e-commerce solutions are more than just a simple shopping cart. Our solutions include comprehenisive back-end tools to enable to you manage all aspects of your online business, including: customers, orders, products and inventory, dispatch, returns and warranty, promotions, discounts, statistics and much more.

Get the Online Edge

Due to the strength of our economy, business competition in Australia is at an all time high. Meanwhile, the cost of running a traditional business has almost doubled over the last decade.

Fortunately, the growth in popularity of the Internet is now presenting you with new and unique ways to reduce your overheads, whilst at the same time giving you instant access to vast new markets. E-Commerce websites offer a series of unique advantages including:

  • Increased sales - instantly sell your products Australia wide, or globally
  • Low overheads - slash the cost of staff, facilities and administration
  • Measurable results - track the origin and profitability of every sale you make
  • Less management - due to simplified processes and increased automation
  • Low risk - because of fewer expenses and higher profit margins

E-Commerce is the world's fastest growing sales channel, reaching total revenue of USD 5 trillion in 2006. Many Australian companies are already tapping into this market and you can too.

Our job is to help you discover how e-commerce can be adapted to your unique situation, and to help you implement a strategy that will allow your business to increase profitability and quickly reach national, or even global markets.

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