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Email Marketing

It wouldn't be surprising if you are horrified by the ridiculous costs associated with running conventional marketing campaigns. High performing, low-cost marketing techniques can seem like an impossible dream. Not anymore. With email marketing, that dream has become a reality for business owners throughout Australia.

jDynamic offers the easiest & most affordable email marketing solution for your business. Our email service, called jMailPro, is easy to use and extremely powerful.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, in 2009, email has delivered $43.52 in sales for every dollar spent.

Establishing an email newsletter is likely to be the single highest ROI action you can take to improve your Internet presence. You can leverage the low cost of email to:

  • Build solid relationships with your customers and prospects
  • Up sell / cross sell additional products or services
  • Generate consistent leads
  • Automate your marketing campaigns
  • Create marketing campaigns on shoestring budgets

What jMail Pro does

  • Manage your list of customers and prospects and their information
  • Easily create and send email campaigns with rich text formatting, images and links
  • Personalises each email so emails are addressed as: "Dear Richard" instead of "Dear Friend"
  • Use auto responders to automatically follow up with prospects? Send highly targeted emails to specific customers and prospects
  • Integrates with your website to collect leads in minutes
  • Automatically tracks customer behaviour and email statistics

Consider the alternatives

It's time to stop wasting hard-earned marketing dollars on strategies that keep missing the bullseye that is your target market. Mass produced mail and advertising campaigns are:

  • Expensive - with spiralling media, graphics, printing and postage costs
  • Impractical - requiring intensive coordination, planning and resources
  • Hit-or-miss - making results vague and difficult to measure
  • Impersonal - targeted at a broad market segment rather than the individual

Put simply, they just don't have the impact they used to, and will never give you the direct, immediate and measurable customer responses you need to effectively drive your sales process.

The most important Marketing medium

Not only is email marketing the most accessible marketing medium available today, it has proven to be the best performing marketing strategy of the 21st century. With average returns as high as 5725% (yes, that's a return of $57 for every dollar spent), nothing else has even come close. It's no surprise that email marketing was considered the most important advertising medium by over 80% of marketers last year.

So how exactly can your business benefit from the power of email marketing? Here's how:

Unbeatable cost-benefit ratio
Compared to alternative methods, email marketing is inexpensive to set up and run - you will not find better "bang-for-your-buck" anywhere.

Maximises customer relationships
Continuously adds value to your customers through personalised, targeted information, deepening your customer relationship and encouraging repeat business.

Ultra high leverage
Creates huge leverage by applying advanced, automated technologies that do most of the work for you, freeing up your time to focus on other parts of your business.

Measurable results
Tracks customer responses and measures results, helping you fine tune your message and improve performance over time.

This low-cost, high-return investment has left some of our clients running to catch up with demand as enquiries generated through email campaigns flood their inboxes. By using the right software and following a few simple guidelines, this dream could become your reality within months - in some cases even weeks.

Get Personal 

Not only do personally relevant emails secure customer trust and interest, they also boost response rates and overall sales effectiveness. With the software available today, it is possible to segment your audience emails in any way you choose, including:

  • Personal characteristics: gender, age, profession, interests, location
  • Buyer status: new buyers, active buyers, VIP buyers, lapsed buyers
  • Buyer behaviour: prior purchases or product enquiries, previous spend amount, email open rate

Refining your campaign in this way boosts sales and helps close sales faster. No other marketing vehicle is able to produce such timely, personalised and targeted messages through access to a database of subscriber profiles.

A Comprehensive Strategy

jDynamic has spent years accelerating our clients' sales process using tailored email marketing strategies. We offer more than just a mailing list program or newsletter template... ours is a complete strategy that combines:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Content development
  • Email publishing 
  • Statistical analysis

Over the years we have worked closely with a wide range of businesses and organisations, and have developed:

  • Extensive experience - meeting similar challenges for other organisations
  • Specialist knowledge - of email marketing technologies and their practical applications
  • Marketing expertise - targeting and refining email marketing campaigns to achieve optimum results
  • Specialised tools - used to effectively implement your email marketing campaigns
  • Efficient processes - allowing us to deliver cost-effective solutions

Don't Miss Out

Building a solid, growing subscriber base is the lowest risk, highest yield way to launch you into the next phase of your business. However, business owners everywhere are quickly catching on, expanding their reach into markets ahead of their competitors.

If you want explosive customer networks, but don't want to spend your marketing budget regaining lost ground, then it's time to develop an email marketing strategy that places your business as the leader in your industry today.

Contact us to find out what solution fits your company.